Mission: To empower and inspire people to care for their own needs through education, community development, and ecosystem services.

Sarah is a certified permaculture designer, teacher, and health coach. She brings to you an appetite for creative problem solving with the practical experience to apply solutions. Sarah has 15+ years experience working with a variety of industries (green building, alternative energy systems, environmental consulting) here and abroad, giving her a unique knowledge base to pull from for your consultation.

Sarah is passionate connecting the built, human, and natural environments in a meaningful way. She wants her legacy to be stronger, more resilient communities.


“Practical, resourceful, bright, imaginative, and organized, Sarah is a very can-do, hands-on designer.  She’s mature and experienced but also extremely playful and delightful to work with.”    – Don Silver

“Sarah helped me during a time of crisis.  I don’t know where I would be without her guidance and encouragement to remember to take care of my over stressed body, showing me how to prepare food for my family with special nutritional needs, and giving me the tools for building back my self-esteem. I found my voice again in my romantic relationship.  I have changed my life for the better with her help.  I will be forever grateful for her amazing knowledge and skill. I will sing her praises to anyone who will listen.”   -Megan P.


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