Do you ever get in your own way?

Do you feel guilty for embracing pleasure, for taking steps to your best life? Why do we get in our own way? Do we not feel deserving? Are there qualifiers to our worthiness? What are yours? Where do they come from? I can hear a little voice say ‘don’t be lazy, you are what you do, what you get done, what you produce.’ In some ways there is inner drive and motivation but on the other hand there is this ‘never enough’ undercurrent. When have I accomplished enough? Is is to please others? Where does my value come from?  I want to live differently, from a place of wholeness, plenty, of deeply valuing myself.  Maybe it is just a matter of practicing and keeping the inner critic(s) in check. A commitment to self.

After writing this post, I watched this TED talk which was right on point.  Check it out.

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