Food for Thought

NPR did a story this morning on the relationship between our brains and our gut.  Looking at how food affects the microbes in the gut and the correlation between those interactions and our brain. Turns out what you eat could be affecting your emotions. Could probiotics improve your mood? Depression and anxiety? Magical microbes…fermented foods?  Are our sterile environments and use of antibiotics affecting our mood?

There are so many new discoveries being made in regards to how quality of our gut and the food we put in it affect gene expression….the study of nutrigenomics.  These ideas take the old adage: You are what you eat— to a whole new level.  Our bodies really are fascinating!

Life experiment challenge: Take stock of how you feel, the quality of your thoughts after you eat.  What do you notice?

If you’d like to listen to the 8 minute Morning Edition cast, listen below.

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