Inspiring Landscapes: Greening the Desert

Nearly 10 years since the first time I saw Greening the Desert and it still inspires me!  There was a sequel added in 2009 which I also recommend. In this short film, Geoff Lawton shows us how we can heal even the most degraded landscapes by managing our resources differently.  The idea is to utilize the natural cycles (carbon and water cycle) to improve nutrient cycling in a system. The effects are: increased food production, with less water, greater resiliency, with less inputs.  Why aren’t more people doing this? Designing with nature is a very different perspective from trying to control and mitigate for natural cycles.  Why do we run the water from our roof tops into storm water drains and then pipe water in for irrigation? What if we looked to catch and store water? How could you incorporate some of these ideas into your landscape?

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