Project Portfolio

Education Pavilion: Lawrence, KS

Before and After

Residential/Education Center: Kansas City, KS

Leicester, NC

Terraced vegetable gardens and photo of a swale in the orchard system. Design by Living Systems Design (Chuck Marsh, Zev Friedman, Sarah Brinker, Marie Reilly) installed by Benjamin Portwood with Edible Yard and Gardens. (Limited to photos for client’s privacy)

Outdoor Kitchen Patio: Asheville, NC

Salvage bricks

Re-purposed Projects

Old cable wheels turned into a privacy fence, used car tires turned into garden steps, revitalized stool and bench (amazing what new wood and fresh paint will do), pizza oven shape from pieces of trash, composting toilet transformed with retaining wall and adobe/willow kids nook .

Patio Repair: Fairfax, MD

Outdoor Earthen Sofa: Sanford, NC

Made from old broken lounge chairs and adobe with a lime plaster finish.