The what to do with your life handbook!

Okay, cruel joke.  Ever find yourself just dreaming of being able to open a book and see: Step 1. to a happy life XXXX, Step 2. (insert name here) is going to be a (insert amazing job title you never thought of but meets your every desire for meaning, fulfillment, balance, and abundance here).  Whoop, whoop…clarity! Celebration! Hmm… Are we asking the right questions?

Looking for someone to tell you the next step to take? But here is the kicker, lots of people could tell you.  Their answers would be from various perspectives and projections. But then, would you be living your life or just the life your friends and family think you should live.  What is the fun in that? Maybe what you really want is a sense of knowing? Security? A clear sense of direction? Of place?  A comfortable change? Is there really such a thing? What if the answers lie in the uncertainty, in the uncomfortable places that make us squirm, that challenge who we are? What if the answers are in our resistance? Maybe we dive in instead of running away.

There is value in talking, connecting with others, exchanging ideas…sometimes we have to speak and get out of our heads to see if our words actually resonate within our bodies. Do they feel authentic, exciting? Have you ever suddenly been aware of “your story” as you speak about your situation…almost as if you are watching yourself just outside of your own body? The “story” of excuses, of ‘yeah buts’, of ‘why you couldn’t or didn’t’….these conversations bring with them fruitful territory, an opportunity to pause and check in. We can ask ourselves ‘is that really true?’

The time is now, to get real. Your life is happening now, right now. I heard someone say once that ‘Life ain’t no dress rehearsal’— so what are you waiting for? What am I waiting for? This is our life, happening right now. Let’s live it all the way, not start one day when everything is perfect. Let’s be honest here, the perfection is in the imperfection—- the beautiful messiness of the journey. Let’s be present.  Let’s be passionate! The world is begging for all of us to grab life by the balls and dare to trust our own inner knowing and power, dare to move forward no matter how small the first step is. What is your first step to a more inspired life?


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